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On Hiatus

To my loyal customers,

Many of you were introduced to me by Bill as, "The crazy [ insert humorous Bill-ism here ] who travels the world but is back from [ insert country or continent here ] for a while to help out." Those of you who have become customers of Cornish Technologies since I have assumed control of the business have also heard my stories and anecdotes related to my travels.

After two years of running Cornish Technologies and one year since Bill's passing, I have decided to put the business on hold and resume my personal travels. It was a bittersweet decision to make. A strong kinship has evolved between myself and many of you and it is hard to see you as just clients. I am proud to have made the business so personal and to have upheld the friendship that Bill had started. In fact, many of you preface our meetings with comments such as, "You're still in the area?" and, "So when is your next trip?"

I appreciate your understanding! My yearning for discovery is still strong and I had to make a difficult decision. I would like to return to the Upper Valley and expand upon Cornish Technologies. I would like to expand the outreach and serve more customers. But before I committ to such an undertaking, while I am able to free up time in my life and work, I must take this opportunity.

While I will be physically leaving the area, I will still be offering my services virtually. I have been servicing many of my clients remotely for quite a while now and the results have been encouraging. Many issues can be solved relatively quickly and do not require a computer dropoff or visit. I will also provide consultations via email and/or the phone. If you have a question, feel free to ask me. I may not be able to respond immediately, but I will be able to provide assistance, or recommend a course of action. More details regarding this will be provided below.

In closing, thank you so much for your patronage! It has been a pleasure working with and for you. While I can't say there is never a dull moment in computer repair, I can say that my time with you has been both memorable, and enjoyable! Please stay in touch with me. Check back on this website to see what my virtual office hours. Sign up for the newsletter to receive important information regarding computer updates and tech news that I will translate into easy to understand language. And follow my travel blog ( to see exactly where I am and what I am up to.

With the utmost of gratitude and love,

Andrew Carmichael

"Thank you for making our first website exactly what we wanted! Your expertise and skill helped create the perfect vehicle for moving our business forward"

Jane Hughes,

Hughes & Co.

Available Services

The following services will still be offered to regular customers despite the hiatus. Schedules*, reasonable reply timelines and rates** will be listed for each service. Further inquiries can be made via the Contact Form.

Email Consultation

All standard and non-pressing questions and requests should be addressed via email first. I will have regular access to email and will attempt to reply within a 24 hour time period. This may be subject to geographic location. All requests for Remote Assistance should be made via email first. To send email, please use link below or via the Contact Form.

All emails will be responded to. Responses will be charged on a per-instance basis. Simple email replies may carry no fee whereas lengthy instructions and research may carry the normal fee of $50.00/hour and will be billed in 15 minute increments.

Send Email

Phone Consultation

I will be available for phone consulations every Wednesday. All phone consultations should be scheduled via email or the Contact Form, but if you need to leave a voicemail, please leave a brief description of your problem and the latest hour at which I can conveniently return the call. Voicemails will be checked at least once a day.

Phone consultations will carry the normal fee of $50.00/hour and will be billed in 15 minute increments.

Call Phone

Remote Assistance

I will be available to provide Remote Assistance every Wednesday. All remote assistance requests should be scheduled via email or the Contact Form. In anticipation of scheduled remote assistance jobs, you may prepare your computer for access using the following instructions.

Remote assistance jobs will carry the normal fee of $50.00/hour and will be billed in 30 minute increments.

Begin Remote

*Please note that all Phone Consultations and Remote Assistance jobs must be scheduled at least one day in advance (Tuesday) as these services will only be provided based on actual, scheduled demand.

**Please be available for scheduled appointments at least 10 minutes in advance of appointment. A 15 minute inconvenience fee may be applied for late appointments or last minute cancellations.

For almost two decades, Cornish Technologies has been servicing households and businesses alike. Offering prompt, friendly service, website and business network consultations and house calls/business visits at no extra charge.

Local Repair Alternatives

Following is a select list of local repair alternatives in case you need hardware support or further assistance while Cornish Technologies is on hiatus. A brief description* of services they offer and contact information is provided.

EssCor Electronics

With a local store front on Washington street and a general house/business call range of 20 miles, EssCor is a good solution for customers in Claremont and surrounding towns.


Upper Valley Computer

Run by Brian Charest out of Hartland, VT. Much like Cornish Technologies, UVC is an individually run business with an emphasis on providing on site support to businesses and home customers alike.


Competitive Computers

With a store front in Claremont and a knowledgeable, certified staff, CC will service all computers purchased at their store. They also service business and corporate systems and networks under contract as well as offer VIP management.



WinCycle provides support on systems purchased through them. Find reasonably priced laptops and desktops, from Windows to Macs. Maybe try a Linux computer (a PC without the viruses!!!).


Systems Plus Computers

With locations in Lebanon and Hanover. They offer computer sales as well as diagnostics and repairs. You may bring in your system for an estimate. For businesses they offer Managed IT services.



With locations in Lebanon and Claremont. They offer computer sales as well as diagnostics and repairs. Be specific about what services you would like provided and what items you would like saved/preserved should they need to reformat.


Conserve-Tech, LLC

Based in Francestown, NH; Dorothy makes infrequent trips to the Claremont area to pick up e-waste for recycling. Call if you have equipment to be picked up and she will schedule a date/time to pick it up directly, or designate a drop off area.


Symbol Legend

- Home
- Business
- House calls
- Apple/Macs
- Windows/PC
- Unix/Linux
- Recycling

*List is by no means exhaustive. Descriptions were summarized by Cornish Technologies. For more information regarding each business (including their fees), please contact them directly.

About Cornish Technologies

Just a bit more info | a little about us

Cornish Technologies was started by William Wadsworth as a hobby in which he would offer his computer expertise to friends and family members in his spare time while working Full Time as a Police Officer for the town of Claremont, NH. He would spend his early morning coffee hours assisting local businesses and responding to calls from early rising clients and his evening hours picking up computers for bench work.

His small DBA grew into an LLC as news of his personable manner and ability to make house calls spread. Over the years, he was able to assemble a small team of coworkes who shared his friendly personality and eagerness to assist including his brother-in-law, Nick, and Andrew Carmichael (when not traveling the world).

Bill Wadsworth

Since early 2012, Andrew had been assisting Bill with all business operations. Andrew assumed full control of the business after Bill's passing in 2013. It was Bill's wish that his FRIENDS continue to receive the same level of support that he had always provided. While I may not accept every cup of coffee offered to me (I don't know how Bill did it), and though I miss Bill with all my heart, it has been my pleasure to serve my friends and clients of the Upper Valley and I look forward to continuing this service upon my return.

- Andrew

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